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35mm Film Processing Memo Pad


Love the aesthetic distilled in my first film camera. I love the yellow, the green accents, even the fonts on it, I just love everything about it. 

The greatest appeal of photography is the ability to capture the fleeting moments. In the time of immediacy and convenience, film photography is a refreshing change of paces. It is a physical process with immutable results.

There is no screen to check the photos and you'll only see what you have captured after the film roll has been processed, scanned and printed. I just want to grab the frame in any possible way, trying to remember this frame and capture this moment. 

Sometime there will be really dark frames, sometime there are clear frames, light leaks, fogging and sometimes the images will be 100% perfect or there will be no images. It might be the problem with lights, cameras or mistakenly expose the film. Sometime it will be the beginning of the roll, the first of a roll that yield awesome results. There is no perfect photos in the first place. 

There is no mistakes, only happy accidents. – Bob Ross

A frame and another frame, a roll, and another roll, time is stacking up slowly and so do memories that captured in the frames.

Inspired by the tags that attached to the film processing mail bags during the old days, these memo pads are carefully designed with lots of thoughts and attention to details. Back then, the tags were used to record the customer's details when dropping off the films at a camera store or by mail.

Lend your creative eyes to new possibilities and ways of using these memo pads. You could pair them with your handwritings, washi tapes and/or rubber stamps or any paper embellishments for enhanced appeal. Whether as a usual notepad or a gift tag, the simplistic designs would become an expression of visual elegance.

Content: total 60 sheets per book;  each design x30 sheets

Size: (A) 150x45mm; (B) 120x50mm; (C) 160x50mm 

Designed by SOM Studio