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Awan Illustration

Awan Illustration Rubber Stamp - People from my hometown


When I was young, I always play in grandmother's garden.
Watching farmers working hard in the paddy field;
I always bring an extra pair of socks to school in when I was in my hometown because it always rain;
Egrets hunt for bugs in a flooded field;
I also remember peeking at my classmate's boyfriend at the school gate who ride a motorcycle to send her lunch;

The moment I jumped on my bike after tuition, open the umbrella and riding the bike with only one hand.

There was a rumour that the classmate who did not like to study had a mandarin textbook that has never been opened. 
At the end of the term, a mushroom had grown inside.


Each wooden rubber stamp features cozy illustration of people from the designer's hometown when she was young. With heart-warming and fuzzy scenes from her childhood, these stamps will create beautiful vignette and cozy atmosphere to your pages and outgoings.

Rubber stamps from this series are discontinued and will not be restocked. Only patterns listed are available in stock.


Size: 24x25mm

Designed by Awan Illustration

Made in Taiwan