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SOM Studio

Self-Care Rubber Stamp: Hang in there


Too many things happened. I was mentally, physically, and emotionally drained. 

Look at my laundry that hanging out there in the sun, hang in there, things will get better very soon even it might be thought right now. It is okay to be where you are at right now. 

But, remember to check the weather first.

Hang in there, recharge yourself, get back up and start afresh again. 

We hope this creation become a gentle reminder for yourself to make self-care a priority by giving yourself time. A time that you are entirely away from the news and obligations, a place to recharge yourself mentally, spiritually, even emotionally.

You could use it for expressing the moments you feel tired, in slump mood, or doing something that you enjoy to recharge yourself. May this piece of stamp add some sparks in your moments. 


Size: approx. 5 x 2cm

Designed by SOM Studio x msbulat

Made in Malaysia